Rad Radishes and Busted Lenses

I was on the moon with Steve again. Nope, I was in Africa. Nope, something entirely more practical this time… my camera broke. Or, I broke my camera, sometime after pouring a glass of bourbon (so good) at a New Year’s party but before pouring myself into a cab at ahem AM after a post-midnight dance party.

So, in memoriam, and while I try to figure something else out, please enjoy these photos of gorgeous winter fruits and vegetables from an earlier shoot. Who knew radishes could be so artsy and dramatic?


One thought on “Rad Radishes and Busted Lenses

  1. Mary Mom

    and these are not your mother’s radishes. although your mother just ate one for lunch. they don’t much appeal, but when you start eating them, they really grow on you, like that hereditary taste for bourbon.


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