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Red Walnuts?

New find from Eataly this past weekend in New York — red walnuts.

red walnuts

I’m not even sure what to do with these. They have the nice walnut flavor but without any of the bitterness. And that color, which looks fake, is actually real.

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Rad Radishes and Busted Lenses

I was on the moon with Steve again. Nope, I was in Africa. Nope, something entirely more practical this time… my camera broke. Or, I broke my camera, sometime after pouring a glass of bourbon (so good) at a New Year’s party but before pouring myself into a cab at ahem AM after a post-midnight dance party.

So, in memoriam, and while I try to figure something else out, please enjoy these photos of gorgeous winter fruits and vegetables from an earlier shoot. Who knew radishes could be so artsy and dramatic?